Sitges és una de les destinacions més populars d’Europa. El seu atractiu és fàcil d'entendre. També és un paradís per als amants de les platges. Hi ha ni més ni menys que 19 platges al llarg dels seus 17 km de costa.

The 19 best beaches in Sitges

Urban and family beaches, to go with children, easily accessible by public transport. Or small coves and turquoise water within the Parc del Garraf. LGTBI friendly beaches. Beaches for sports or to relax and forget about everything.

Coves with views, coves where you don’t need a swimsuit and coves where you can take your pet. Beaches to understand the atmosphere of the city and beaches where you can have a drink, with live concerts and a live DJ.

It is a matter of choosing. Or to discover. You will find everything in Sitges Beaches.

Sitges Beaches

Cala Ginesta

It is a small and exclusive beach, with umbrellas, sun loungers, a beach bar and a beautiful natural environment along its cliffs. One of the smallest beaches in Sitges. Located next to the Ginesta marina, it offers a secluded and therefore quiet option. It can also be the starting or ending point of an excursion to the Parc del Garraf. The cove can be reached on foot, leaving the car on the road, or inside the port.

Morisca cove

One of the most emblematic beaches in Sitges, where the swimsuit is optional. The cove, located between the cliffs of Parc del Garraf, offers a semi-wild aspect and a bath in transparent waters. Frequented by couples and groups of friends, it can be accessed on foot from the C-31 road, or by leaving the car in the paid parking of the restaurant.

Garraf Beach

In its 380 meters long and approximately 28 meters wide we find almost all services, including beach bars, rental of chairs and umbrellas, kayaks and pedal boats, as well as access ramps and lifeguards. Another great option to alternate with urban beaches. Located in the urban center of Garraf, it is a beach with a very special charm, marked by the unique skyline of the 33 fishing huts and former railway line operators, located on the sand, and the mountains of the Sierra de Coma Red. Quiet and family-friendly, it is just a 15-minute drive from Barcelona and has a train stop.

Les Botigues beach

The 1415 meters long by 100 meters wide Les Botigues make this beach one of the largest in Sitges. It is located in the urban center of Les Botigues, between the C-32 road and the railway line, and is a good option to change the scenery and rhythm. Family-friendly but also ideal for young people and couples, with all kinds of services and up to six beach bars on the sand.

Vallcarca beach

The beach to enjoy your pet.

Aiguadolç beach

Quiet, family and with a strategic location next to the port of Aiguadolç, this beach is a safe bet. Accessible on foot from the city center, but located at one end of the city, it has the added value of being in a natural environment that gives it personality and protects it from the wind.

Balmins beach

This cove is mainly nudist, so nothing happens if you leave your swimsuit at home. The Balmins beach enjoys a privileged location between the port of Aiguadolç and the old town. It is urban, but with a natural environment that makes up three small coves overlooking the most photographic skyline of Sitges.

St SebastiĂ  beach

It is a beach to enjoy with the family, so it tends to get crowded in August. If you are looking for a family beach to share space with people from the city, this is one of the best options. With a seafaring tradition, like the neighborhood where it is located, Sant SebastiĂ  beach has privileged views of the Sant Bartomeu church and is an entry or exit point to visit the old town of Sitges.

La Fragata Beach

This beach is surely the most drawn, photographed and admired in Sitges. One of the most popular urban beaches. Located at the foot of the parish church of Sant Bartomeu and Santa Tecla, it mainly attracts young people. Located next to the Yacht Club, it is also the favorite beach for volleyball fans.

Ribera Beach

With an atmosphere throughout the year, it is a strategic place to start or end the day. One of the most central beaches and, therefore, the most crowded. Everything is close. It all starts and ends here.

Bassa Rodona Beach

The urban beach with more color and atmosphere is a place to see and be seen, with a mostly LGBTI public. Quite busy during the summer, it is always a good city thermometer and a good place to understand why Sitges is special.

L’Estanyol beach

With a family atmosphere, it offers fun in summer thanks to its water skates and its spectacular inflatable located 100 meters from the sand. Urban beach located in front of the Vinyet neighborhood, on the seafront. At 366 meters, it is one of the longest.

Riera Xica Beach

Very popular beach located in the very center of Sitges. Located next to the Estanyol beach, it is another good urban beach option, less crowded than those considered more central. Family and quiet, it is a very good option, especially in the middle of summer.

La Barra Beach

The beach, where the sand and the sea seem to draw a heart, is a lively and familiar option to spend the morning, afternoon or all day. Services and entertainment are never lacking.

Terramar beach

Terramar beach is named after the garden city of the area. Located in front of the residential neighborhood of Terramar, it shares an aesthetic and an atmosphere very similar to that of the Barra beach, with four artificial islets and a relaxed family atmosphere.

Les Anquines Beach

Located at the end of the promenade in front of the mythical Hotel Terramar. It is a beach that was created artificially in the 1920s, precisely to service the hotel. Embraced by two stone piers, the physiognomy of Les Anquines beach favors bathing with few waves and is very popular with families.

Cap de Grills Beach

Naturists and swimwear coexist. The atmosphere and flavor are set by the Beach Club Hola, especially on Sunday afternoons and nights.

Dead man’s beach Sitges

One of the first beaches considered LGTBI environment in the world.

La Desenrocada cove

La Desenrocada is considered one of the best gay nudist beaches, not suitable for the shy.

Who does not know Sitges? Its Punta, the sweet Sirena, its beaches? Its visitors will not be indifferent to the values ​​that this town exports; it will have its own personality ». Sitges has a tourism brand positioned in the European market that makes it known as a destination throughout the year, so it will not be unusual to find a permanent floating population of visitors every month.

Sitges is culture and is synonymous with sun and beach. The cultural movements of the last century have inherited an architectural, pictorial legacy, etc. which is one of the objectives of the visitors.

At the same time, the Sitges coastline offers a few kilometers of beaches and coves that are the delight of many visitors in the summer months. From Les Botigues or Garraf beach to Home Mort beach, from north to south, a wide range of beaches opens up with the most diverse locations and panoramic views.